The most coveted precious metal in the world has for generations been considered a safe hedge against inflation – because it maintains its shine even in troubled times.

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Gold has been the stuff of dreams for people for thousands of years. This most well-known and most popular precious metal still represents wealth, security and stability. The significance of gold even in an era of otherwise nearly completely digitalised trading and banking is revealed by the persistence of many central banks in storing physical gold reserves.

The value of gold is due to its relative scarcity: the amount of gold mined throughout human history is less than the amount of steel produced around the world each hour. People are also attracted to the precious metal’s brilliance, which is the result of a physical property: gold does not corrode.

What you should note when buying gold

GOLDEN GATES combines the highest security standards with a client-friendly purchasing policy. We store your gold holdings for you in the highly secure storage facilities of our wholesaler. You can have your gold delivered at any time or collect it yourself in Munich or Vienna.

When purchasing gold, you will save a considerable amount with the average price method (cost average effect) compared to a one-off purchase – especially if you acquire gold over an extended period of time. In addition, with our long-term savings plan you will avoid the fees for small quantities normally charged for one-off purchases, which could equal up to 40% of the purchase amount when buying gold from other traders.

Aside from jewellery production, gold only plays a marginal role in industrial applications. However, it is an excellent way to store value.

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Gold coins
Whether Krugerrands, Philharmonics, or Maple Leafs – gold coins are collectors’ items and a form of value storage at the same time. They also make for an excellent gift.

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Gold bars
An investment in gold bars promises more gold for your money. They are available in a wide variety of sizes. The fineness must be at least 995 out of 1,000.

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Nearly 45% of the gold mined is now processed by the jewellery industry. The most important markets for gold jewellery are in Asia.

Price list

1g63.00 €52.00 €
2g116.00 €103.00 €
5g273.00 €254.00 €
10g537.00 €509.00 €
20g1,062.00 €1,016.00 €
31,1g1,658.00 €1,586.00 €
50g2,662.00 €2,535.00 €
100g5,298.00 €5,069.00 €
250g13,137.00 €12,677.00 €
500g26,207.00 €25,346.00 €
1000g52,344.00 €50,692.00 €
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Gold has an advantage over cash and stocks: this popular precious metal stands not only for symbolic but also for real, physical value – and it is therefore the ideal product for anyone pursuing a long-term wealth preservation strategy. The positive development of the price of gold in recent months has further strengthened gold’s reputation as a safe haven.

Alongside currency effects and demand in the gold industry, inflation fears have proven to be one of the most important drivers of the price of gold throughout history. This can be seen at present as well, with ever more people in ever more countries seeing gold as an alternative. In view of the market environment, with a fractious eurozone, central banks that seem to be printing money in unlimited quantities, and the uncertainty triggered by Brexit, gold is likely to experience a sharp increase in value. More than a few analysts are forecasting a bright future for gold, expecting that the price of gold will climb to USD 2,200 per troy ounce by 2018.

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What are the factors in favour of buying gold?


Stable value and crisis-tested


Secure against seizure by the government and banks


High global acceptance


Gold is the only precious metal exempt from VAT


At a constant rate of demand, gold reserves will only last for about 20 more years


GOLDEN GATES offers flexible purchase options


High value density guarantees discretion


In the form of gold coins, an ideal gift

What are the risks when buying gold?


Price of gold subject to fluctuation


Little prospect of short-term gains

Maximum flexibility: one-off purchase or monthly purchases possible

GOLDEN GATES stands for maximum flexibility when purchasing gold in the form of coins, such as Krugerrands, or in the form of gold bars. With us, you can buy exactly the amount of gold each month that your budget allows.

The majority of our clients therefore opt not for a one-off purchase, but instead acquire gold holdings through the purchase of monthly amounts, which can be changed at any time with little effort and no additional cost.

An example of this is our children’s product GOLDEN GATES JUNIOR – tailor-made for anyone looking for a symbolic gift with stable value that can be saved.

„Warum ich Gold kaufe? Weil es sich seit Jahrhunderten als Krisenwährung bewährt.“

Michael Rosenberg

„Die GOLDEN GATES Sparpläne kommen bei meinen Kunden glänzend an.“

Jens Barowski

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