Reliability is worth its weight in gold

GOLDEN GATES, a family company, helps value-conscious investors throughout Europe build up crisis-proof holdings of precious metals. Founded in 2012, the company has long been considered an established provider of secure, flexible and transparent metal concepts for all levels of buyers in the area of precious metals and technology metals. It combines traditional values, such as down-to-earth and personal approach, with innovative sales concepts, including the popular GOLDEN GATES JUNIOR product.

Values are important to us

GOLDEN GATES was founded by Herbert Behr (born in 1953) in 2012. Following a successful career in sales and the design of financial services products, starting in 2008 he specialised in the sale of precious metals. Since 2014, he has headed GOLDEN GATES, along with Constantin Behr (born in 1984), who brought a wealth of experience in sales, marketing and management.

Precious metals for all

With its flexible and manageable purchase options, GOLDEN GATES has consistently focused on the needs of its clients like no other precious metals trader. Thanks to its broad product portfolio, long-term savings plans and maximum freedom in determining the monthly purchase amount, the company enables everyone to do what was previously reserved for professional investors and the wealthy: protect their wealth against depreciation by buying gold coins, such as the Krugerrand, gold, silver, platinum and palladium, thus preserving its purchasing power.

Strong market presence – strong service

The belief that investments in tangible, physical assets pay off better over the long term than blind faith in “paper money” appears to be getting steadily more common. GOLDEN GATES now holds crisis-proof metals in highly secure vaults in safekeeping for tens of thousands of clients in 11 European countries. The holdings are documented each year by an independent auditor. Transparent statements and personal advising provide an additional level of security.

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Kaufen Sie Goldmünzen bei GOLDEN GATES EDELMETALLE