Silver is the ideal inflation protection: it has proven itself for thousands of years and it is sought after as an industrial metal as well.

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With a history dating back more than 7,000 years, silver is a precious metal whose value has been preserved across all cultures, political systems and fashions. Like gold, it has long been considered a pillar of value preservation strategies. From antiquity to the present day, the so called “white gold” has been used to make cult objects, coins, jewellery and everyday objects.

Thanks to its unique properties (high conductivity, germicidal effect), silver has also been used and continues to be used in industrial applications. Current secured silver reserves are limited to about 500,000 tons. As a result, silver supplies will run out before oil. In view of rising demand around the globe, needs can only be met for about 20 more years.

What you should note when buying silver

GOLDEN GATES offers you an experienced, reliable partner for purchasing silver. Duty-free and VAT-free storage in Switzerland guarantees maximum security. Regular purchasers will benefit from the cost average effect: with regular fixed purchases, you buy more silver when silver prices are low, and less silver when silver prices are higher – with a positive impact on the average purchase price. We offer attractive conditions and absolute transparency in terms of both storage costs and brokerage fees.


Silver serves as a long-term wealth preservation strategy. In addition, it is a sought-after industrial metal.

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Glass panes are silver-plated during the production of mirrors. Lenses as well as light and heat reflectors are also based on this principle.

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Because of its antibacterial properties, silver is used for, among other things, coating prostheses, for wound dressings and making ointments.

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Solar technology
Silver is a key element for the production of the world’s most common solar cells because it is more reflective and conductive than any other metal.

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Electrical engineering
Silver alloys (with copper, indium, etc.) are irreplaceable as soldering alloys for brazing solders, and as contact material and conductive material.

Price list silver

100g82.00 €67.50 €
250g188.00 €164.50 €
500g365.00 €328.50 €
1000g723.00 €649.00 €
stand: 09/22/2020 - 07:42 PM


„Experts rarely agree, but in this case they do: we are about to enter the “decade of silver”. One reason for this is the various uses for the precious metal: silver has been processed for use in coins and jewellery for thousands of years – with rising demand. In addition, it is highly sought after by industry, where it is used, among other things, in the production of electronics, solar technology and RFID chips.

Because demand for silver has risen much more sharply than demand for gold, the current price difference – gold is about 50 times more expensive than silver – will not hold up over the long term. This is because while the entire supply of gold is available for use in coins and bars, industry uses more than half the mined quantity of silver. Over the long term, a price of USD 100 per ounce is entirely realistic.”

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What are the factors in favour of buying silver?


Appreciation of silver against gold is just a question of time


Duty-free and VAT-free storage in Switzerland


Secured reserves will only last for another 20–25 more years


It has long since reached its low: current prices are below the cost of production


Silver has offered effective inflation protection for generations


Silver cannot be substituted in many future-oriented technologies


Silver objects (jewellery, cutlery etc.) are becoming increasingly popular

What are the risks when buying silver?


Industrial demand is cyclical


Silver production has expanded significantly in recent years


New recycling methods may increase the available quantity of silver

Maximum flexibility: one-off purchase or monthly purchases possible

With GOLDEN GATES, you can adjust the purchase of silver exactly to meet your current financial situation. Some of our clients have opted for a one-off purchase, but most have chosen to take advantage of our offer of regular monthly purchases (as little as EUR 25) to build up silver holdings over the long term.
You can increase, decrease or suspend these purchases in line with your financial situation. After 144 net monthly purchases, we will reward your loyalty with a bonus in the form of additional silver.

„Wahre Werte kommen niemals aus der Mode. Sie sind zeitgemäß und zeitlos zugleich.“

Helmut Kaczinski

„Edelmetalle sind heue ein obligatorischer Bestandteil jeder krisensicheren Strategie zum Vermögenserhalt.“

Felix Ruchel

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