Vienna Philharmonic

The most successful gold coin to originate in Europe is the Vienna Philharmonic. Unlike the Krugerrand, it has no copper mixed in and has a fineness of 999.9/1,000. It is made of pure gold. It has been named the best-selling gold coin in the world by the World Gold Council four times – in 1992, 1995, 1996 and 2000. Demand for the gold coin with its special cultural prestige is particularly high in North America and Japan.

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Price list Vienna Philharmonic

1 Unze1,666.50 €1,584.00 €
1/2 Unze858.00 €792.00 €
stand: 07/16/2020 - 03:09 PM

The secret to success of the Philharmonic gold coin: the motifs

For centuries Vienna has been considered an important centre of art, literature and, above all, music. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn and Ludwig van Beethoven are among the composers who gave Vienna its world-famous reputation. The coins convey the musical city’s reputation to the entire world.

The front shows selected musical instruments used by the world-famous orchestra and bears the inscription “Vienna Philharmonic”. A cello in the centre is surrounded by a bassoon, harp, horn, two violins and two violas.

On the reverse is the organ from the Golden Hall at the Wiener Musikverein, the inscription “Republic of Austria” and information about the size and nominal value. As a pure bullion coin, however, the Philharmonic is not traded at its nominal value, but at its gold value.



History of the gold coin

The Philharmonic gold coin from Austria was first minted in October 1989. It “struck gold” with coin collectors and value-conscious investors – just one year later it was the best-selling coin in Europe. It only became possible to issue the coin after the amendment of a law that permitted pure gold coins to be issued again in Austria.

Less enthusiastic at first were the musicians of the Vienna Philharmonic – they had to be persuaded by the orchestra board. At the time, no one foresaw that the coin itself would become a classic.

What are the factors in favour of buying Philharmonic gold coins?


Prized in Europe, the US and Asia for more than 25 years


Named the best-selling bullion coin in the world several times


Ideal gift for lovers of classical music


Stable value and secure


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