Preservation of value: doing everything to protect your assets

In turbulent times such as these, precious metals are a safe haven. With GOLDEN GATES as your partner, you can maintain your course and safely steer your assets through any crisis.

A way out of crisis

Financial crisis, economic crisis, banking crisis, interest rate crisis: Over the past few months and years, a state of crisis has gone from being the exception to being the rule. We are living in a world of perpetual crisis – and no one knows what surprises the future holds in store for us. While the causes of each crisis are different, they all have one thing in common: they represent a serious threat to your financial assets. This is because if it is not clear today what will happen tomorrow, trust in institutions – and currencies – will wane.

Asset protection rather than spectacular gains

If you would like to prevent the potential loss in value of your savings, GOLDEN GATES is the right place for you. As an established, economically sound medium-sized company, we will show you the options for preserving value – for example, with flexible purchasing in instalments of precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum or palladium.

We are ambitious but clear-eyed, with a sense of proportion – because in economically difficult times the most important thing is not spectacular gains, but rather asset protection. And that is precisely why precious metals are an attractive option.

Do you want to keep your financial assets safe from the turmoil of the financial markets? Our consultants will tell you which options are eligible.

Holdings audited multiple times offer security

Security is top of the agenda at GOLDEN GATES. So you can be 100% certain that the amounts you invest are actually used to buy the corresponding nominal value in precious metals and that this amount is transferred to your possession, we have the quantity of stored holdings confirmed by the auditor of our wholesaler on a regular basis.

This inventory of the total holdings is then examined by another independent auditor to ensure that it corresponds exactly to the total of the individual client holdings.

In addition, each year you will receive an individual statement of holdings with the relevant information.

The GOLDEN GATES measures to preserve value


Various, flexible manageable options for the purchase of precious metals


Expert individual advising provided locally


Precious metals are obtained from well-known, certified providers


All precious metals have the LBMA “good delivery” standard


Secure and insured storage in a highly secure precious metals custody account


Regular external audits of all holdings