Storage: security is worth its weight in gold

We store your precious metals in storage facilities with the highest security standards in Munich, Vienna and Zurich.

No possibility of loss
– that’s how we store your precious metal holdings

If you’re familiar with the latest burglary statistics, you’ll know that home safes are no longer the safest place to store assets such as gold bars, gold coins, silver or platinum. That’s why we’ll store your precious metals at the storage facilities of our wholesaler in Munich, Vienna and Zurich, which are valued by private clients and precious metals dealers alike for their stringent standards and rigorous security measures.

Complete control – even with third-party storage

Even though your gold or silver is stored externally, you’ll have full control over your assets. No one has access to your precious metals – not even us. In this way, you can always feel confident. Furthermore, you can have your gold holdings and gold coins, or some of them, delivered to you at any time. You can also come to Munich or Vienna to collect them personally.

Do you want to keep your financial assets safe from the turmoil of the financial markets? Our consultants will tell you which options are eligible.

Save VAT with duty-free storage in Switzerland

When you purchase silver, platinum and palladium that we store for you duty-free in Switzerland, no VAT is due. This will allow you to offset the VAT that gold is subject to, which, because it is not used in industrial processes, is only exempt from VAT above a certain purity level.

The “Embraport” duty-free warehouse has been in existence for more than 40 years and has a surface area equal to more than 14 football fields.

How you benefit from the storage of your precious metals


Annual custody account statement of precious metal holdings


High level of transparency


Secure storage in certified vaults


After arranging an appointment, the gold can be collected


Low fees