Purchase process: assets are a matter of trust

Because we understand the importance of assets, we rely on personal contact when processing purchases – and on 100% transparency.

Personal contact – not anonymity

A lot of processes can now be carried out online much more easily and efficiently than in the analogue age. But when you entrust your assets to a company, you want to know who you’re dealing with. That’s why when we sell precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium, we emphasise direct, personal contact. Once you’ve completed an advisory form, one of our sales staff will contact you within 48 hours to schedule an appointment.

Purchase processing at GOLDEN GATES

1. Consultation form to complete

2. Appointment with salesperson

3. Conclusion of contract

4. (monthly) Purchase of precious metals by GOLDEN GATES

5. Storage

6. Documentation by annual depot extract

7. Delivery available upon request, or automatically upon reaching a certain value threshold

Do you want to keep your financial assets safe from the turmoil of the financial markets? Our consultants will tell you which options are eligible.

You decide: one-off purchase or regular contributions

When you speak with our sales employee, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the precious metals we trade, payment options, storage and delivery. We offer you a level of flexibility that is rare in the industry. You can opt for a one-off purchase (from as little as EUR 2,500), or for as little as EUR 25 per month, you can build a portfolio of precious metals or coins – for example, with the Golden Gates Junior or Golden Gates Gold products. You can buy an individual precious metal or a mixed portfolio. And you can adjust the amount of your monthly payment at any time.

Purchase and delivery

Each month, we will buy precious metals in the amount of the purchase sum we receive. With respect to denomination and price structure, we buy in such a manner that our clients receive the maximum amount of precious metals for their money.

We store the precious metals securely for you and document your holdings in an annual statement of holdings. We will deliver your holdings either at your explicit request or – for purchase orders such as GOLDEN GATES JUNIOR – when the value of one gold coin (one ounce) is contributed.