Precious Metals

People’s fascination with precious metals has continued unabated for thousands of years. Since their discovery and the inception of mining, gold and silver, in particular, have become coveted objects, currencies and the raw material for making jewellery around the world. Over the past several years, they have experienced a remarkable renaissance as a way to preserve value and as an alternative to official currencies. Platinum and palladium, by contrast, are mostly used as industrial metals.

What the four most important precious metals have in common are their chemical properties: They are extremely corrosion-resistant and do not corrode in air at all, or do so only very slowly. Their low hardness and the ease with which they can be formed have contributed and continue to contribute to their popularity, as these properties make them very easy to work with. GOLDEN GATES offers you a number of flexible options for purchasing the four most important precious metals – gold, silver, platinum and palladium – and is thus an attractive option for maintaining the purchasing power of your assets.

We store your precious metals safe, fair and transparent

These arguments speak in favour of purchasing precious metals:


Limited resources increase value and could lead to supply bottlenecks


Precious metals are sought after by investors and industry


Gold and silver have proven throughout history that their value is extremely stable


Solid alternative to traditional investments (stocks, etc.)


Because of their unique properties, precious metals are difficult to substitute

Do you want to keep your financial assets safe from the turmoil of the financial markets? Our consultants will tell you which options are eligible.

„Abschaffung des Bargelds? Dagegen hab ich was: einen flexiblen Edelmetall-Sparplan.“

Ron Garner

„Edelmetalle sind heue ein obligatorischer Bestandteil jeder krisensicheren Strategie zum Vermögenserhalt.“

Felix Ruchel