Monetary wedding gifts

When two people get married, it’s a promise for eternity – “until death do us part”, as the traditional wedding vow goes. For the bride and groom and their families, a wedding is an unforgettable event, one of the most beautiful and important days of their lives. It is precisely for this reason that so many parents, grandparents and friends find it difficult to choose an appropriate gift. How do you find something that will please the bridal couple, that is worthy of the festive occasion, but that will also be a surprise?

Gold – a gift with symbolic power

Because traditional wedding gifts are often off the mark – you give a gift that won’t be used at all or one that the couple already has – many people choose to give cash as a gift. But this is not an optimal solution either. This is because monetary gifts get lost in the shuffle, are impersonal and are considered unimaginative. A gold coin or gold bar, by contrast, is a gift that lets you stand out from the crowd and convey a symbolic message. Because you will be giving a gift that will endure in good times and in bad – just like a good marriage.

Save flexibly with Golden Gates gifts

Want to do something good for your loved ones not just once at their wedding, but on a regular basis for special events by giving them the gift of gold? Then the Golden Gates regular buy order is just what you’ve been looking for. Instead of buying small quantities of gold at unfavourable conditions, you pay a monthly sum of as little as EUR 25, thus saving a larger quantity on an ongoing and flexible basis. Once you’ve reached a certain value, we will send you, depending on your wishes, a gold coin of your choice (Krugerrand, Maple Leaf, Vienna Philharmonic) or the corresponding quantity in bars. Thus, you will always have a valuable gift handy, not only for weddings, but also for events such as births, baptisms, the first day of school or milestone birthdays.

Four good reasons to give gold rather than money for a wedding gift


The recipients will remember you and your gift.


Gold is a gift for eternity.


Stable value:
Gold has been considered a substitute currency around the world for millennia.


Get ready for surprised and admiring looks.

Schedule an appointment with our advisor and benefit from the flexible and transparent conditions of the Golden Gates Gold savings plan!

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