Maple Leaf

For decades, the Canadian Maple Leaf has been the second most popular gold coin in the world after the Krugerrand. First minted in 1979, the bullion coin experienced a real boom from the mid-1980s to the end of the 1990s – a period during which importing the Krugerrand was prohibited because of sanctions against South Africa. The Royal Canadian Mint was the first mint in the world to achieve a fine embossing of 999.9/1,000 – a masterly technical performance, as working with “soft” gold is much more difficult. The excellent quality is also revealed by the striking golden lustre of the coin.

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Price list Maple Leaf

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Motif: The gold coin as an expression of security and protection

Canadians consider the maple, which graces their national flag, to be a special tree. In many cultures it stands for a feeling of security and protection. In Greek mythology it symbolises strength and power.

The front of the Maple Leaf gold coin is dominated by a striking maple leaf in relief, as well as the word “Canada” and information about the fineness.

The reverse has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II – Canada is still a member of the Commonwealth, whose formal head of state is the English queen – and the nominal value. Maple Leaf gold coins can be traded in at banks around the world.



The Maple Leaf – The only gold coin with a security feature

Since 2012, the Maple Leaf gold coin has had a special security feature: Below the traditional maple leaf, another, smaller maple leaf has been engraved with a laser, along with the last two digits of the year in which the coin is issued. The engraving is barely noticeable to the naked eye. With this “guarantee of authenticity”, the Royal Canadian Mint proved – as it already had by increasing its quality standards – that it is a leader in innovation among mints.

What are the factors in favour of buying Maple Leaf gold coins?


Globally accepted and popular


Excellent material and minting quality


Distinctive golden lustre


Ideal gift thanks to its high symbolic value – embodies security and protection


Laser engraving provides an additional security feature

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