The Krugerrand from South Africa is now one of the most well-known bullion coins in the world. It is clear at first glance that the Krugerrand is different from other gold coins because of its characteristic bright red-gold tone, which is the result of the addition of copper. Copper is what gave the coin, which was minted in large quantities of up to one million per year through the 1980s, the hardness required for mass circulation. Officially, the Krugerrand is still an official currency in South Africa.

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Gold content and distinguishing features of the Krugerrand

Despite the admixture of copper, the Krugerrand has the same gold content as, for example, the gold coins featuring images of the maple leaf and the Vienna Philharmonic. The addition of the copper only causes the coin to weigh a few grams more (33.93 g) than “pure” gold coins. The gold coin has a portrait of Paul Kruger on the front and a springbok antelope, the national animal of South Africa, on the reverse.

Where did the Krugerrand get its name?

The name of the gold coin has two components: “Kruger” is the name of the South African politician, also known as “Uncle Kruger”, who appears on the front of the coin. “Rand” is the name of the South African currency. The name of the coin is a combination of these two words.



History of the Krugerrand

The history of the Krugerrand dates back to 1967, when the South African Mint Company minted the first coins. The Krugerrand quickly grew in popularity and gained a large following around the world. This was due not only to its attractive look, but also to a lack of competition. Other well-known coins, such as the American Eagle (US) and the Maple Leaf (Canada) entered the market later and only gained market share when the import of Krugerrands was prohibited as part of the sanctions imposed against South Africa from 1986 to 1999.

What are the factors in favour of buying Krugerrand gold coins?


Recognised as a currency around the world


Stable value and secure against devaluations


Beautiful coin with a distinct look


Immediately recognisable because of its unique colour

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