Invest in precious metals

If you are looking for a way to preserve your assets, even in an era of zero-interest rates that has persisted for years, you could hardly do better than to purchase precious metals. At a time when the abolition of physical money is being considered as a serious option and the common European currency is being called into question by ever more decision-makers, precious metals offer an attractive alternative and safe shelter: not once in recorded history has a precious metal lost all of its value – quite unlike the dramatic collapse of national currencies during periods of inflation.

Gold, silver, platinum, palladium – four precious metals with bright prospects

The four most important precious metals traded on the market are gold, silver, platinum and palladium. While gold and silver have for millennia served as a repository of value, a medium of exchange and the raw material for minting coins, demand for platinum and palladium is more closely linked to the industrial economy. The one thing all four precious metals have in common is their relative rarity and the limited quantity of global reserves. Because of the foreseeable rise in demand, many analysts are predicting that these four have bright prospects with respect to price development.

What you should note when investing in precious metals

Only buy precious metals from serious, established traders such as GOLDEN GATES. Unlike many of our competitors, we continue to rely on personal contact and process all purchases via an expert sales team that is happy to answer any questions you might have about buying precious metals. In addition, you benefit from high security standards during storage and delivery and from extremely flexible purchase options: from a one-off purchase at a time that you deem to be favourable to a well-thought-out savings plan that will allow you to save a tidy amount of precious metals, even on a manageable budget – in order to protect your assets or as a gift for the next generation, as with our GOLDEN GATES JUNIOR product.
A close look at the tax consequences is advisable: while gold is exempt from VAT, silver is not. As a GOLDEN GATES client you can legally avoid taxation entirely by having us store your holdings in a duty-free warehouse in Switzerland.

The following overview shows the fields in which each precious metal is in particular demand:


jewellery production, investments (gold coins, gold bars), gold reserves


investments (silver coins, silver bars), lenses, medicine, solar technology, electrical engineering


Auto industry (catalytic converters for gas engines), dental technology, nanotechnology, precision electronics


jewellery and coin production, auto industry (catalytic converters for diesel engines), medicine, electrical engineering

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