Gold is not the only precious metal undergoing a shining renaissance at the moment – ever more investors around the world are buying silver, platinum and palladium as an alternative to cash, insurance and stocks. Precious metals are considered to be stable, inflation-resistant assets for which demand will very likely exceed supply in the long term. For this reason, they are a mandatory component of nearly every strategy to preserve purchasing power and assets.

Begin now by building a customised precious metals stockage and benefit from the expertise of our sales employee.

Minimise risks, increase opportunities – with an individual mix of precious metals

With our GOLDEN GATES PRECIOUS METALS product, you have an opportunity to compile an individual mix of the most important precious metals and, through a fixed monthly purchase amount, gradually build up substantial holdings. A mix increases the likelihood that you will benefit from positive performance and reduces your risk. This is because aside from relatively constant gold, even the best analysts cannot foresee which precious metals will have particularly positive performance.

High flexibility when assembling and weighting precious metals

When you buy precious metals with GOLDEN GATES, all options will be available to you when you assemble and weight your portfolio. The only rules you need to adhere to are the minimum purchase amount of EUR 50 per month and a minimum purchase amount of EUR 25 per precious metal. For example, if you decide to buy a mix of industrial metals palladium and platinum, you could divide the total amount in two tranches of EUR 20 and EUR 30 respectively. You can change the composition and the weighting of the mix at any time – at no additional charge, of course. You can respond to market developments at any time, even if you have a long-term buy order.

In this way, you will benefit from the average price method
(cost average effect)

As with the purchase of gold bars, with the GOLDEN GATES PRECIOUS METALS product clients benefit from the use of the average price method: We buy more precious metals for you when prices are low and less when prices are high.

Over the long term, the cost average effect results in a lower average purchase price and reduces risk. The longer you purchase the precious metals, the more positive the impact on your holdings will be.

Silberpreis Produkt GOLDEN GATES Edelmetalle 17.75 €/Unze

Silver purchasing price development for regular monthly purchase amounts in Euro per gram
Gold price with other tradersSilber-Kaufauftrag von GOLDEN GATES

* for payments in June 2020 with regular silver purchases – product Golden Gates Silver



Build up a portfolio of precious metals for as little as EUR 50 per month


The minimum purchase amount for each precious metal within the portfolio mix is just EUR 20


Effective risk diversification through a combination of different precious metals


Units of the different precious metals are freely divisible


The combination can be modified in line with the market situation at no charge


Ideal product for responding quickly to trends

„Abschaffung des Bargelds? Dagegen hab ich was: einen flexiblen Edelmetall-Sparplan.“

Ron Garner

„Wahre Werte kommen niemals aus der Mode. Sie sind zeitgemäß und zeitlos zugleich.“

Helmut Kaczinski

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