What do I give those who are closest to my heart? How can I make my children, godchildren or grandchildren really happy – while also giving them something with a stable value they can keep into adulthood? We have an idea: give your treasure a real treasure!

With GOLDEN GATES JUNIOR, you can save gold coins for special events, such as their first day at school, communion or baptism, at favourable conditions. Prepare now so that wishes large and small can come true in the future – for example, a driving licence, the first car or a cushion for schooling and studies.

Begin now by saving gold coins.
Our sales team advises and takes over the complete purchase processing – make an appointment now!

Those who give gold are giving the gift of security

In an unstable, unpredictable time such as this, we want one thing more than anything else for the next generation: security and stability. No other form of asset – not money or life insurance or stocks – embodies these values to such an extent and for as long as gold has. Gold coins have been used as a payment method longer than any modern states and their currencies have existed. And there are many signs that this will not change in future either. Cash can be devalued, virtual account balances wiped out with a click: gold coins will always be there. Because they have substance.

GOLDEN GATES Junior - Gold schenken

Build a large gift with small amounts

We have structured the conditions for GOLDEN GATE JUNIOR to make the purchase of gold coins affordable for everyone. The product combines flexible monthly purchase amounts of as little as EUR 25 with a prudent purchasing policy and top-quality service.

You don’t need to be extraordinarily wealthy to create a solid basis for the start of your children’s and grandchildren’s adult lives – you just need a manageable monthly budget, which you can adjust in line with your financial situation at any time.



A special gift for every milestone


Individual coins add up over the years to form a veritable treasure


High symbolic value – a gift for eternity


Affordable thanks to the flexible purchase model with monthly payments


Build up a portfolio of gold coins for as little as EUR 25 per month


Stable value and crisis-proof


Available at all times


Automatic delivery of the coins upon reaching the agreed value

… and here’s how it works:

When you get in touch with us, a member of our sales staff will contact you within 48 hours to schedule an appointment. You define a monthly purchase amount that we then use – consistently utilising the average cost principle – to buy Krugerrand gold coins for you.

Once you’ve reached a threshold of at least one ounce of gold, we will automatically send you the coins. In this way, you’ll always have an appropriate gift for every event. You can also collect the coins personally from our storage facilities in Vienna and Munich.