Platinum is extremely rare – and yet it is all around us in our daily lives, for example as an indispensable component of diesel catalytic converters.

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Platinum is the most valuable precious metal in the world. It is rarer and heavier than gold and has a number of unusual properties: It is extremely corrosion-resistant and, unlike other precious metals, rarely tarnishes – a key reason why platinum jewellery is so popular. It is also highly reactive and selectively catalytic. This makes platinum an irreplaceable raw material for the auto industry.

Although platinum was worked into jewellery in antiquity, there have also been eras when its value was forgotten. In the Middle Ages, platinum was considered an annoying by-product of gold production and was simply thrown away. This is also when the precious metal received its name (from the Spanish word “palatina” or “little silver”).

What you should note when buying platinum

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With regular purchases, you will benefit from the cost average effect: when prices are low, we buy more platinum for you and when prices are higher, we buy less – this results in a more favourable average purchase price. Our storage and brokerage conditions are reasonably calculated and 100% transparent.


Platinum is mainly valued as an industrial metal. The auto industry and jewellery production combined account for 70% of demand. It is also used in the chemicals, mineral oil production and electronics industries.

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Coins and jewellery
High-quality jewellery made of platinum is a luxury good and financial investment that is just as highly sought after as the traditional bullion coins – the Platinum Maple Leaf and the American Platinum Eagle.

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Catalytic converters
Platinum is used in the production of vehicle catalytic converters (diesel), in catalysts in fuel cells and in large industrial processes (production of saltpetre).

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Because it can be tolerated well, platinum is an important material in the production of pacemakers, implants and brain sensors.

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Electrical engineering
Platinum can be used for any highly loaded contacts that must not be allowed to corrode for safety reasons.

Price list platinum

100g2,939.00 €2,534.00 €
250g7,301.00 €6,284.00 €
500g14,522.00 €12,543.00 €
1000g29,008.00 €25,085.00 €
stand: 08/07/2020 - 08:02 PM


„The value of this precious metal is based not only on objective factors. It is also based on very complex dynamics, with the economic situation, interest rate development, export policy of large countries such as South Africa (70% of global production) and links to the price of other precious metals playing a role. Many experts find it difficult to explain the decline in the price for platinum since it reached its all-time high – because it cannot be explained rationally.

Looking at the price development of platinum over the long term, it was long worth about one-third of gold – because, among other reasons, mining it was more costly. There is much in favour of the price ratio being restored over the long term. Because platinum is mainly used for the production of catalytic converters for diesel vehicles, much depends on the key figures for the auto industry – and these have been very positive of late.”

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What are the factors in favour of buying platinum?


Platinum demand has been on a record course for years


Demand in the jewellery and auto industry is stable


It has reached its low: current prices are below the cost of production


Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold


At 200,000 kg, annual output is one tenth that of gold

What are the risks when buying platinum?


Heavily dependent on the global economy


Volatile market with some fluctuations


Only suitable for buyers with a long-term investment horizon who can “sit out” temporary price declines

Maximum flexibility: one-off purchase or monthly purchases of platinum possible

When you buy platinum at GOLDEN GATES, you will benefit from maximum flexibility. We offer you the option of either a one-off purchase or the ability to build up your platinum holdings continuously through regular purchases (minimum amount: EUR 25) – as one of several pillars of your value preservation strategy.

Above the aforementioned minimum amount, you are entirely free to structure your monthly purchase as you wish. In line with your financial situation, you can increase, decrease or suspend the amount. As a regular buyer, you will benefit from duty-free and VAT-free storage; in addition, we will provide you with an additional bonus after 144 net monthly purchases. The bonus will be credited to your holdings in the form of the sought-after precious metal.

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