Palladium is considered to be a less expensive alternative to platinum.
It has similar properties and is used in many industries, especially in catalytic converters for gas engines.

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Compared to other precious metals, with their thousands of years of history, palladium is relatively young. The element was discovered in 1803 by English physician and chemist William Hyde Wollaston in a solution in which he had previously dissolved platinum with nitrohydrochloric acid. Palladium was little used until the 20th century because it is difficult to refine. This changed shortly before the Second World War when Russia managed to extract significant quantities of palladium from nickel ore.

Palladium and platinum are very similar in terms of their chemical properties and are required in the same industries. Some analysts even call palladium and platinum “sister metals”. An analysis of their price development and demand also reveals a close interdependence: Because one metal can be exchanged for the other in many applications, there are, for example, supply shortages or high prices for platinum when palladium prices rise.

What you should note when buying palladium

As a buyer of precious metals, you place great emphasis on maintaining the purchasing power of your assets. GOLDEN GATES will support you in this with favourable conditions and top quality service. To ensure that you do not have to pay value-added tax on palladium purchased in your name, we store your holdings in a duty-free warehouse in Switzerland. As a result, you will receive 19% more precious metal for your money while simultaneously benefiting from the stringent security standards of the pro aurum precious metal custody account.

Another pillar of our prudent procurement policy is the consistent utilisation of the cost average effect, which allows us to offer you a very favourable average purchase price. The risk of buying palladium too high falls significantly thanks to our regular monthly purchases compared to one-off purchases.


At more than 60%, the automotive industry is by far the largest consumer of palladium. It is followed by precision electronics, the jewellery industry and dental medicine, with less than 10% each.

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Tooth replacement
More than 90% of all dental alloys available on the market contain palladium. The metal makes the alloy more well-shaped and solid yet more flexible.

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Automotive industry
The catalytically active precious metal palladium has now replaced expensive platinum in the production of catalytic converters for gas engines.

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Palladium nanoparticles are effective catalysts in many chemical reactions, such as hydrogenation and dehydrogenation.

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Precision electronics
Palladium is used to coat circuit boards. It creates the conditions necessary for applying a nickel or copper layer to plastic.

Price List palladium

100g5,721.00 €5,042.00 €
250g14,232.00 €12,605.00 €
500g28,304.00 €25,209.00 €
1000g56,408.00 €50,417.00 €
stand: 07/09/2020 - 10:51 AM


„At more than USD 1,000 per troy ounce, palladium posted its all-time high in 2001. At the time, there were two crucial factors that came together for palladium: a record number of car makers who needed palladium for the production of catalytic converters for gas engines, and a shortage of available supply of the commodity – triggered by the world’s largest palladium producer to date, Russia.

Since then, the price of palladium has fallen sharply, driven by the financial crisis and scandals in the auto industry. However, analysts expect the price of palladium to rise in the foreseeable future – first, because of the general growth trend for cars, including in China, and second, because diesel vehicles have fallen into increasing disrepute as a result of their high emissions, significantly bolstering demand for vehicles with gas engines.”

What are the factors in favour of buying palladium?


Demand has for years exceeded output


The Chinese auto market has grown continuously since 2005


Diesel vehicles are now in a state of crisis


Key fundamental data points to a price trend reversal


Palladium has enormous potential for future technologies as a “cheaper platinum”


Buyers are profiting from shortages of platinum

What are the risks when buying palladium?


Cyclical demand results in price fluctuations


Development of auto industry cannot be predicted over the long term


Geopolitical tensions impact price (Crimea conflict)

Maximum flexibility: one-off purchase or monthly purchases of palladium possible

Although it is more common than gold or platinum, palladium is a true rarity on the market. At GOLDEN GATES, you can purchase this sought-after precious metal at favourable conditions, and we also offer excellent service and maximum flexibility. You can choose a one-off purchase or build up your palladium custody account gradually through monthly purchases for as little as EUR 25. In view of its positive outlook, a balanced, diversified custody account of precious metals should definitely include palladium in addition to platinum, silver and gold.

You can determine the amount of your regular purchase yourself, above the specified minimum level. As a Golden Gates client, you have the freedom to increase or decrease the purchase amount at any time. You can also pause purchases for a specific period of time. Want to use the monthly rate to build up a mixed portfolio of precious metals comprised only partly of palladium? You can do this as well. Your client advisor will be happy to provide you with details.

Schedule an appointment with our advisor and put together your individual GOLDEN GATES palladium purchase plan.

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