Gold coins

If you want to buy gold, you have a couple of different options – you can buy gold bars or gold coins. Because they can be given as a gift and due to their attractive appearance, featuring a number of designs, gold coins are now a clear favourite among gold buyers. History also plays a role: with a gold coin, the traditional use of gold as a currency, a tradition that has been established for thousands of years, is something that you can literally hold in your hands.

There is a general distinction between gold coins that were in circulation – i.e. coins that were once actually used as money in circulation – and gold bullion coins. GOLDEN GATES only sells the latter: gold bullion coins. In doing so, we focus on three very popular and historical coins: the Krugerrand, the best-known coin in the world; the Vienna Philharmonic; and the Maple Leaf. All coins can be acquired either as a one-off purchase or through monthly contributions – for example, with our GOLDEN GATES JUNIOR children’s product.

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Why buying gold coins is a good idea:


Gold coins are not subject to VAT


Timeless currency


A good idea for both your own assets and as a gift


Attractive collector’s item because of the various designs


Various “sizes” available, depending on the investment amount

Do you want to keep your financial assets safe from the turmoil of the financial markets? Our consultants will tell you which options are eligible.

„Mit Goldmünzen schenken ich meinen Liebsten ein Stück Sicherheit in unsicheren Zeiten.“

Gabriele Warden

„Die GOLDEN GATES Sparpläne kommen bei meinen Kunden glänzend an.“

Jens Barowski