Our GOLDEN GATES GOLD product offers you the opportunity to acquire the most coveted precious metal in its traditional form: gold bars. Gold in the form of bars has a decisive advantage over gold coins, such as the Krugerrand , the Philharmonic or the Maple Leaf.

Because there are no costly design or production steps, gold in bar form is close to the net material price of gold. The only thing that is printed is the fineness and weight as well as the name and logo of the producer.

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Avoid these mistakes when buying gold

The most important rule when buying gold is to avoid small denominations: Those who, for example, buy multiple 5-gram bars are simply throwing away cash – the very asset they wanted to protect by purchasing gold. This is because of the standard fee for small quantities and the fact that gold is more expensive for smaller units. Of course, it is much more expensive to produce 100 1-gram bars than to produce one 100-gram bar.

In this way, you will benefit from the average price method
(cost average effect)

Thanks to regular, fixed purchases you buy more gold when the price of gold is low and less gold when the price of gold is high – taking advantage of market fluctuations. Over the long term, this results in a lower average purchase price and lower risk thanks to the cost average effect. The effect is even greater over a longer payment period.

Build up gold holdings systematically – with GOLDEN GATES

At GOLDEN GATES, we have an alternative solution to buying gold bars: pay a monthly amount as low as EUR 25, which you can increase or decrease at any time free of charge. In turn, we will buy gold on a regular basis and store it for you. Once you’ve reached a minimum amount of 50 grams, we will automatically deliver your gold bars to your home – or you can collect it personally from our gold storage facilities in Munich or Vienna.

However, you can also leave your holdings in our storage facility and access it later. Prefer a one-off purchase? No problem – this option is available at GOLDEN GATES as well.

Precious metal purchase as flexible as never – with GOLDEN GATES GOLD

If you see gold as a long-term investment, GOLDEN GATES GOLD is the ideal product for you.

Goldpreis Produkt GOLDEN GATES EXCLUSIV 54.31 €/GRAMM

Gold-purchasing price development for regular monthly purchase amounts in Euro per gram
Gold price with other tradersGold price with GOLDEN GATES

* for payments in September 2020 with regular gold purchase – product Golden Gates Gold



More favourable gold price than with the purchase of gold coins


Flexible purchase model helps avoid the high cost of small quantities


Available for as little as EUR 25 per month


Acquisition of gold close to the price per kilogram, irrespective of the monthly amount


Complete cost transparency


Daily availability of gold holdings


Account information available at all times


Insured gold storage

Another contract option: Golden Gates Comfort

In addition to GOLDEN GATES GOLD, we also offer our clients the option to purchase gold bars via the product GOLDEN GATES COMFORT. Because of the cost structure there are some slight price differences here

„Mit Goldmünzen schenken ich meinen Liebsten ein Stück Sicherheit in unsicheren Zeiten.“

Gabriele Warden

„Die GOLDEN GATES Sparpläne kommen bei meinen Kunden glänzend an.“

Jens Barowski

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